Dota 2 Patch Information – March 20, 2014

A small update was dispatched for Dota 2 earlier today. Sized at 48.6 Mb, the patch primarily consists of economy updates.

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Peek inside any treasure and you’ll notice a few changes.

From now on, you will no longer have a chance to receive a duplicate item from opening a treasure multiple times; each time you unseal a treasure, you will find a different item.

In addition to ensuring you won’t receive the same item twice, each time you unlock a treasure you will also have a chance to obtain bonus rewards. Bonus rewards are granted in addition to an item found inside a treasure, and some treasures feature multiple bonuses. This means you could gain two or more items each time you open a treasure!

After you have unlocked all items within a treasure, the list of items that can be obtained from opening that treasure is reset and the items can be earned again in a new random order.

Every treasure past and present now ensures that you will not receive duplicates, and has a selection of bonus items. If you’ve ever hesitated to unseal a treasure, take another look at what they have to offer!

Looking for the perfect treasure to pillage for non-duplicate riches? Try the new Treasures of Radiant Arms and Dire Arms. Each unseals to reveal an entire hero set, which include the first sets made available for Lifestealer and Puck. Opening either treasure also gives you a chance to find the Vestments of the Fallen Princess, the first set for Vengeful Spirit, as a bonus reward!


No changelog has been provided for this update by Valve.

Dream League Compendium Updates

The Dreamer’s Gem


The Dreamer’s Gem added to the game in the last patch has now been updated to have a different strange counter type.

Old: socket { gem_def_index: 3008 } strange_type: 2
New: socket { gem_def_index: 3008 } strange_type: 195

To validate this change, a new strange counter type has been added under the id:

  • 195 – KillEaterEvent_DreamLeague_DreamPoints

This strange counter is tagged “Dreams Exposed“. This gem is expected to track abilities along the nature of Nightmare, Dream Coil and etc. But the full working of it is yet to be revealed.

DreamLeague Loading Screen – #Stretch Goal 1

A new tournament specific loading screen has been added for DreamLeague. It is also the first stretch goal reward of the Dream League Compendium.


Portrait String Updates

The Terrorblade Arcana – Fractal Horns of Inner Abysm portrait was updated in one of the older patches and some extra variables that were left in the code for it were removed today. No changes were made to the portrait itself today.

Dota TV Tickets

NOTE: While the schema was updated, the cosmetics added to the game today are not yet implemented on the Dota 2 Store. They may or may not be added at a later date.

A bunch of new Dota TV tickets were added to the game today.

1. Dota 2 VO Ability Cup #1

No resources have been added for this yet.

32 teams will compete with each other for 16,000 rubles and the title of first champions of Ability Draft Mode! This ticket only gives you access to view games from the Dota2VO Ability Cup #1.

2. Prodota Spring Cup Ticket


Eight professional and eight qualified teams compete in the Prodota Spring Cup for $1000! This ticket only gives you access to view games from the Prodota Spring Cup.

This set comes with a brand new Puck set – Mystic Coils – includes 3 items: Antennae, Wings and Tail and a custom Loading Screen.




3. Ready 4 League Season 1


Ready 4 Gamgin is a Chilean organizaiton that is focused on Dota 2. In this first seasons 16 teams will fight for almost two months to become the champions!

4. Open Community League Tournaments

Teams from Russia, CIS, and Europe will meet in battle for the championship league and a prize pool of 15,000 Rubles!

open community league

5. Macedonian Dota 2 Cup 3

This item has no description yet.

macedonian dota cup

6. Golden eSports League Season 1

The first season of the Golden Esports League puts the best Swedish teams against each other over three months for 30.000SEK!

golden esports league

Misc Changes

  • The Gladiators Revenge Pudge Setadded previously with the D2CL ticket has been provided with its own bundle entry now. The reason behind this unknown but it could be so it can be previewed directly in-game as a complete set.


  • Issues with the particle effects of The International 2012 couriers have now been fixed. Instead of being attached to the eye node, they are now going to follow the hitloc which should fix any issue where the particles wouldn’t trail properly.

String Updates

Chest System UI Strings

The new chest system that was updated yesterday now has some updated strings to work with the new UI.

“Crate_No_Dupe” “Each time you open this treasure you will receive one of these items. You will not receive duplicates.”
“Crate_Random_Bonus” “Random Bonus Rewards”
“Crate_Very_Rare” “Very Rare”
“Crate_Extremely_Rare” “Extremely Rare”
“Crate_Required_To_Open” “Required to Open”
“Crate_Not_Revealed” “The contents of this treasure has not been revealed yet!”

Frontpage Strings

One new string update has been added to the frontpage.

“dota_frontpage_updates_new”    “NEW”

This is not yet functional but I am assuming it to work with the new Frontpage that might be in the works. This string marks any new content as “New” so users can easily spot a new update.


That’s all for this patch. Until next time.


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