Dota 2 Patch Information – December 19, 2013

wraith night 2

Steam gets the Holiday Sale 2013 and we get yet another significant update to the Holiday event in Dota 2 along with a bunch of store updates.

As I previously mentioned, I will cover pretty much all that is relevant in this patch but might intentionally skip out some backend or unreleased changes to quicken the pace of things. If there is much demand for it, I’ll do it from next time. I’ll also try and add category ID’s and a Table of Contents to these posts over the weekend.

Note: Once again please remember that the previews in this analysis are purely raw model visuals. They do not represent the final look of the items in the game.



– Added Queen of Pain, Storm Spirit, Templar Assassin, Witch Doctor, and Elder Titan to Wraith-Night.
– Added new rewards to Wraith-Night.
– Juggernaut now gains evasion during Blade Fury.
– Fixed a bug where pausing the game would break certain Wraith King abilities.

– Added sets for Luna, Drow Ranger, Skywrath Mage, and Naga Siren
– Added a player set for Invoker by iceiceice
– Added weaponry for Sven, Doom, Spectre, Windranger, Alchemist, Warlock, and Slark.
– Added hairstyles for Drow Ranger, Mirana, Lina, Windranger, and Templar Assassin.
– Added three HUDs
– Added a 400% Battle Booster (80% stacking for other players). Available until January 3rd.

– Only decrement low-priority game count in a coop-bot match if you win and you are not playing on passive difficulty.



Five New Heroes Added!

The heroes come with some changes to their abilities like the rest in Wraith Night. The changes are listed below and marked in green. Elder Titan has no changes.

– Queen of Pain


qop_shadow_strike  qop_blink  qop_wave


– Storm Spirit


storm_static_remnant  storm_electric_vortex storm_overload

– Witch Doctor



– Templar Assassin




New Wraith Night Rewards

The new rewards have gone live. You can redeem them from the redeem tab.

fragments ingame

Wraith Night Feretory

The Wraith Night Reliquary from yesterday has been renamed to Feretory. Nothing else is different. Priced at 12,500 Shining Fragments, it offers the same rewards listed yesterday. New icon.


Recipe: Evergreen Stalker

The recipe for Evergreen stalker is now directly added to the rewards of Wraith Night. It is redeemable for 14,000 Phantom Fragments.

evergreen stalker


Steam Holiday Sale 2013 Exclusive Items

steam sale crafting rewards

The uncategorized items from yesterday such as Sven Sword, Omnivus and etc are now revealed to be a part of the Steam Holiday Sale bonuses.


As you buy games and vote on the daily sales during the events, you will get Snow Globe Trading Cards that you can craft into a Snow Globe Badge. Every time you craft this badge, you will be rewarded with one item listed in the FAQ above and a couple of other goodies. So technically, you have a chance of getting one of the listed Dota 2 items too. Not guaranteed.

You can craft this badge unlimited number of times until January 3, 2014.

Also to be noted, the quality of these items has now been changed to GENUINE and they are now marketable. So you can always find them on the Steam Market if you wish to.



There are a bunch of new cosmetics with this update.

Hero Bundles

– Flight of the Crescent Moon Set (Mythical)

flight of the crescent moon

Store Page: | Price: $5.99

flight of the crescent moon front

flight of the crescent moon side

flight of the crescent moon right

– Death Shadow Set (Rare)

death shadow set

Store Page: | Price: $4.99

death shadow cowl front

death shadow cowl back

– Rune Forged Set (Rare)

rune forged set

Store Page: | Price: $4.99

rune forged set front

rune forged back

– Outcast of the Deep Set (Rare)

outcast of the deep

Store Page: | Price: $5.99

outcast of the deep front

outcast of the deep back


Pro Shop

– IceForged Set for iceiceice (Rare)

The second iceiceice branded set is now in the game dedicated to his renowned Invoker play.

iceiceice brand banner

iceforged set

Store Page: | Price: $7.99

iceforged set front

iceforged set back

This bundle also comes with the first new custom Forged Spirit Model.

iceforged set spirit


Weapon Bundles

– Blacksmith’s Blessings

A new custom bundle has been added to the store that contains 8 weapons for different heroes.

blacksmiths blessing

Store Page: | Price: $3.99

This bundle includes the following items.

– Alchemist’s Infuser (Common)

alchemists infuser

alchemist infuser

– Blade of Abyss (Common)

blade of the abyss

blade of abyss

– Iguana’s Bow (Common)

iguanas bow

iguanas bow

– Iguana’s Quiver (Uncommon)

iguanas Quiver

iguanas quiver

– Hellthorn Sword (Rare)

hellthorn sword

hellthorn sword

– Twisted Firekeeper (Common)

twisted firekeeper

twisted firekeeper

– Bulwark of the Rogue Knight (Rare)

Bullwark of the Rogue Knight

bulwark of the rogue knight

– Ancient Imbued Spinal Blade (Common)

Ancient Imbued Spinal blade

Ancient Imbued Spinal blade


Hair Bundles

Styles of Unending Battle

The first of a kind bundle pack with just hair pieces is here. This is a good hint for Workshop Artists to know that they need not just create complete hero sets but design something along these lines and still get accepted to the game.

styles of unending battle

Store Page: | Price: $1.99

This bundle inclues the following items –

– Braid of the Fiery Curls (Uncommon)

braid of fiery curls

braid of fiery curls

– Braid of the Moonshadow (Common)

braid of the moonshadow

braid of the moonshadow

– Dark Ranger’s Headdress (Common)

dark rangers headdress

dark rangers headdress

– Tail of the Secret Order (Common)

tail of the secret order

tail of the secret order

– Style of the Grove (Rare)

style of the grove

style of the grove


New HUD’s

Three new HUD’s made their way to the store this patch.

– Timberfury HUD

Timberfury hud

Store Page: | Price: $2.99

timberfury hud

timberfury ingame

– Thunder Spirit HUD

thunder spirit hud

Store Page: | Price: $2.99

thunder spirit hud

thunder spirit ingame

– Familiar Woods

familiar woods hud

This HUD comes with two different styles: One normal which has twigs and stuff on the spacer to the left and the other with a Shagbark instead.

Store Page: | Price: $2.99

familiar woods hud

familiar woods ingame



– 400% Battle Point Bonus (500 Minutes)

A brand new Battle Bonus has been added for a limited period of time. This gives a whopping 4 times boost to your battle point and stacks at 80% with anyone else in the game.

This lasts 500 minutes of your game time. Does not get consumed when you spectate or coach. Offer ends January 3, 2014.

battle bonus winter large

Store Page: | Price: $6.99



These might not necessarily be from this very update but they are recent. I am going to cover them anyway for my future reference if I plan on doing this again. Rather than including the strings themselves, I’ll summarize what they do for you.

– Some reminders about low priority matches.
– Changes to reflect the new abilities in Wraith Night
– D2L is now mentioned as a brand.
_ A notice to tell you that you own a tournament if you’re about to purchase the same ticket again.
–  Banner Updates for the new items in the store.



There are a few other backend updates and a couple of unreleased stuff that is not really too important right now. I’ll try to update this section later if needed or you can check it out in Matt’s post if he makes one.

These pretty much include some particle tweaks, new animations and a little bit more to suit some of the new cosmetics such as the Sycthe of Ice and stuff.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. tanapta

    Hey man, good job with the datamining…
    Also i am glad that someone tries to get to the monopolised ground of cyborgmatt thingie – theres enough space for more people doing this kind of stuff.



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