Dota 2 Patch Information – December 18, 2013

yeare of the horse

Here are most of the changes that came with the main client update on December 18, 2013. I will not cover backend and string updates (won’t be too many for an update of this size) so I’ll leave that for Matt because he keeps all the older files to compare changes to this time. But if you guys are interested, I can do those too from the next time onwards if I’m going to do these.

Reddit does not allow me to go beyond one point so made this whole new blog just for that so I can get it up quick.

Note: The previews of items do not reflect the final look in-game in all cases. These are purely raw model previews.



– Added Legion Commander to the workshop.
– Updated workshop files for Dazzle, Dragon Knight, Bloodseeker, Broodmother and Batrider that include separated fbx and smd files.
– 5 solo players will never match against a 5 man party in Ranked Matchmaking (and will be extremely unlikely in Unranked).
– Fixed bug where you could have multiple recruiters, or active recruitment requests once accepting a recruiter.
– Some players with multiple accepted recruiters will have their recruitment status reset.
– The armory filter dropdown will no longer be hidden by any active Battle Point Boosters.
– Fixed various crash bugs around Guides in Frostivus.
– Improved audio mix of player and caster voice on surround sound systems.
– Fixed a crash on systems with multiple gamepads connected.
– Fixed a case where backdoor protection would not function properly.
– Fixed Ember Spirit base HP regen being 0.25 instead of 0.75
– Fixed Naga Siren base HP regen being 0.25 instead of 0.75
– Match history now shows MMR and change for your ranked matches.



Ranked Matchmaking Rating Preview: You can now check how many points you gained and lost for every single game you play in Ranked Matchmaking.

Ranked MM Score Preview

Thanks /u/wickedplayer494 for that screenshot.

– Fixed UI Issue with Battle Bonus and Armory Sorting: The sorting dropdown will now always be over the battle bonus indicator.

Armory Sorting and Battle Bonus Bug Fix



Remember how every weapon in the game was called a Mace for a couple of weeks? Well that has been fixed now. A huge number of new item_name_types have been added to define the item by exactly what they are. For example –

– Hates are now called Hats
– Scythes are called Scythes
– Bracers are called Bracers

and you get the jazz!



There are a bunch of new cosmetics in this patch and a couple of tournament tickets.

D2L Butcher’s Boiler Pack:
The promised D2L items are finally here. They are a pack of dual weapons for Pudge. Those who purchased the item beforehand must have got them already and those who purchase the bundle henceforth will receive the items with the ticket.

d2l butchers boiler pack

Butcher’s Boiler Hook:

butchers hook d2l

butchers boiler hook

Butcher’s Boiler Cleaver:

butchers cleaver d2l

butchers boiler cleaver


Wraith-Night Reliquary:
A unique gift from the King. Wraith-Night Reliquaries can only be acquired with Shining Fragments. Shining Fragments are earned by activiting a Wraith King’s Favor.

wraith night reliquary

You will be able to purchase it for 12,500 Shiny Fragments. The new chest made it to the files and seems like an extra upgrade for Wraith Night. It comes with a bunch of new items. All the items come with a socket and a gem.

These items can currently only be obtained from this chest. They do not drop.

– Infernal Pactblade:

infernal pactblade

infernal pactblade

– Grand Helm of the Narrow Maze:

grand helm of the narrow maze

grand helm of the narrow maze

– War Axe of the Lost Light

war axe of the lost light

war axe of the lost light

– Artamentos of the Apocalyptic:



– Black Reaver

black reaver

black reaver

– Ice Shard

ice shard

ice shard


Other Items:
These items are currently unassigned but they do drop in the game. So if you are lucky, you’ll get your hands on one soon enough.

Governor’s Salakot  – LEGENDARY

governors salakot

governors salakot

Mountain Splitter

mountain splitter

mountain splitter

– Scythe of Ice – LEGENDARY – Custom Particles

scythe of ice

scythe of ice

– Spike of Frostbite – Custom Particles

spike of frostbite

spike of frostbite

– Steamcape – MYTHICAL

steam cape

steam cape

– Omnivus




– Recipe: Evergreen Stalker
A new crafting recipe has been added to the list of what you can redeem using Shining Fragments. This one adds a new treant model to Nature’s Prophet. If this recipe is redeemed, then it will guarantee you an Evergreen Stalker.

recipe evergreen stalker

Requirements: 3 Frozen Items

The result is a Mythical Evergreen Stalker.

evergreen stalker

evergreen stalker


Tournament Tickets:

Defense of the Australians Season 2 & Hobbly-Bob Bundle
Defense of the Australians brings you its summer 2014 tournament. Professional teams throughout Australia will compete Australia wide online and in a Melbourne LAN event finals. Bundle includes the Hobbly-Bob Sniper Hat!

Store Page: | Price: $6.99

dota 2 australia

The bundle comes with a special hat for Sniper – The Hobbly Bob Hat.

sniper hobbly bob hat

sniper hobbly bob hat preview

Nexon Sponsorship League Season 2 (the ticket is not new but the bundle is)
Starting in Sep 28th 2013, the Nexon Sponsorship League will span three seasons with a total of KRW 300 million ($267,153 USD) worth of sponsorship funding. Watch the top team matches of Season 2. Includes the Gama Brothers courier!

Store Page: | Price: $5.99

nexon season 2

The bundle now comes with a special in-game courier – The Gama Brothers Courier.

gama brothers bundle

Ground Version:

gama brothers ground

Flying Version:

gama brother flying

– European Elite League – January
The most talented players in Europe compete in the classic in-house league format.

Store Page:| Price: $1.99

european elite league january

– Sunday Evening Cup Series – Season 2
SECS is back for Season 2! SECS has been around since 2009 and provides an open competitive platform for North and South American teams to gain real tournament experience.

Store Page: | Price: $0.99

sunday evening cup series 2

– Korean Elite League – January
The most talented players in Korea compete in the classic in-house league format.

Store Page: | Price: $1.99

korean elite league


Unreleased Tournament Tickets:

The update also adds a couple of unreleased tournament tickets to the files.

Dota 2 Chile Tournament
16 teams compete to reach the grand final and become the best team in Chile! 

dota 2 chile tournament

Asian Cyber Games Dota 2 Championships 2013
 The top Asian teams compete in the Asian Cyber Games for a total prize pool of $30,000!

acg 2013 dota championships


Item Drop Loot List Updates:


  • Caustic Guard
  • Caustic Tarsus
  • Feelers of Entwined Fate
  • Mistplates of Ruin
  • Second Disciple’s Bastion
  • Second Disciple’s Satchel
  • Spike of Frostbite
  • Stringer of Entwined Fate
  • Whiskers of Entwined Fate
  • Governor’s Salakot
  • Scythe of Ice
  • Steamcape
  • Omnivus
  • Mountain Splitter
  • Coco The Courageous
  • Tory the Sky Guardian
  • Caustic Rack
  • Crown of Entwined Fate
  • Netherax, Nightmare of Mist
  • Caustic Glare
  • Caustic Spurs
  • Darkstar of Mistforged
  • Limbs of Entwined Fate
  • Second Disciple’s Blade
  • Second Disciple’s Chakram
  • Second Disciple’s Dagger
  • Second Disciple’s Veil


  • Bite of the Slithereen Knight – Off Hand
  • Mist of the Slithereen Knight
  • Blotto and Stick
  • Breastplate of the Slithereen Knight
  • Helm of the Slithereen Knight
  • Tahlin Occult Hood
  • Tail of Slithereen Knight


Year of the Horse Update Information

yeare of the horse

Valve is inviting Workshop artists to create new content themed around the Chinese New Year, Chinese History and Spring in general for the next big update that is scheduled to go live sometime at the end of January. So if you haven’t check it out already, you should.

– Blog Link:
– Horse Year Update –


9 thoughts on “Dota 2 Patch Information – December 18, 2013

  1. randykhoo

    “Other Items:
    These items are currently unassigned but they do drop in the game. So if you are lucky, you’ll get your hands on one soon enough.”

    By this you mean in normal game mode, or in wraith night?

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  3. BY^D

    Asian Cyber Games Dota 2 Championship 2013 = 2013’s last big-name Dota 2 LAN tournament

    I think this week’s (at the time of this posting) patch will be a minor one, due to some of Dota 2’s devs having their own holiday vacations.


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